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Computers play a vital role in our productivity. If you are a working professional looking for the best desktop to purchase, you can visit Skyra Computers. We are an authorized dealer providing high-quality desktop sales & services repair in Chennai with assured quality. You can find a great range of desktop computers and pick one for your needs. At Skyra Computers, one can also fix any issues related to desktops as we provide the best computer services in and around Chennai for the following top-brands like

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • DELL
  • Acer

General Consultation

In this general checkup, we diagnose your computer for any issues and suggest the best repair services that could conveniently fit your budget. You can have any problem fixed on time with the repair cost estimated.

Upgrading the RAM & SSD

If you are a professional working from home, then all you need to do is upgrade the RAM of your desktop to increase the speed and performance. Increasing the speed can produce excellent results, like rendering high-quality graphics. To upgrade your computer's RAM, get in touch with our team

You can easily book our computer repair services online. Skyra is here to offer high-quality and trustworthy computer sales & services in Chennai by meeting all the requirements of the consumers.

Fixing the Motherboard

The motherboard is a vital component that acts as a bridge behind the proper functioning of the desktop computer. Any injury to the motherboard can abruptly affect the performance of the device. It is vital to repair the issue soon after identifying it. Call our experts to get instant repair services for your damaged motherboard. We offer super-quality repair services at an affordable cost.

Chip Level Service

We have well experienced technicians handling chip level laptop service with accurate solution.

We provide all branded laptop service with qualified service engineers

Broken Laptop Panel Reworking

Broken laptops can be a hassle, when our daily work needs them to be up and running in record time. SKYRA offers broken laptop service to any kind of damage.

Software Installations

Updating your desktop with effective software can let you perform things. For instance, if you are an enthusiastic person who is passionate about photo editing or a hard-core gamer, all you need to do is install all the required software on your computer. At Skyra, we provide the best software installation services based on your requirements.

Monitor Replacement

Faulty monitors are usual, and Skyra Computers want to bring a smile to your face by providing the desirable monitor replacement services. We make your helpless situation better by equipping the exact display monitor that fits on your computer screen. Lose yourself in the picture-perfect ultra-slim display with certified Eye safe technology designed to redefine wellness, comfort, and sustainability.

Printer Sales & Services

Printers are devices found everywhere. Skyra Computers is the one-stop destination for all your printer needs like sales, rental & repair services. You can find all your requirements met from scratch as we are highly customer-oriented. Skyra Computers is a computer printer dealer in Chennai with an excellent team of certified technicians. Our services cover all the printer brands like

  • HP
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • Brother

Our Printer Repair Services

The slow operation

Your printer might operate slowly sometimes, and this issue purely depends on the type of printer used. If you are a regular user, check the printer produces high-quality prints while the operating speed is fast. If you have faced any errors, reach out to us. Skyra technicians can fix this issue by changing the print quality in the settings.

Faded printouts

Sometimes, your printer might print light-colored copies, and this issue is so common. The quality of the ink cartridge used in your printers is the reason behind the faded print copies. Book our services online, and we can replace your faulty ink cartridges. Your printer easily gets set for producing high-quality dark-colored prints.

Blank Sheet getting printed

Printers could print extra blank paper frequently, and the reason behind this issue is a corrupted printer driver or improper settings. Let no empty sheets get printed from your device. Just get your printer to Skyra computers, and we can resolve the issue quickly.

Paper Jamming

The most common cause for jamming is paper misalignment. Insert the papers properly in the tray without overfilling them. Jammed papers can not only delay the printouts but can also damage the essential components of the printer. If there is any interruption in your printer because of the jammed papers, bring it to us. We clean the clogged pieces of paper by replacing the rollers and troubleshooting the device.

Colors missing from the print copies

The missing colors in the printouts are usual, and we could think that the reason behind this issue is ink. Yet there are some other causes, like clogged nozzles of filled cartridges. Your printer may not be able to deliver the right colors as they get clogged in the nozzle. We can fix the issue by clearing the clog and changing the ink.

Printer Services at Skyra Computers

At Skyra Computers, we can easily cover all the issues of your printers. Whether your printer is a laser, inkjet, thermal, LED, thermal, or plotter, we can provide the best printer repair services at an affordable cost. Whenever your printer malfunctions, you need not worry about carrying them to our service shop. Just book the service online, and we repair them at your door.

Our Printer Repair Services

We offer our services for the installation and service of software, hardware, and networks.AMC Services from Skyra Computers include professional support both remote and onsite. Under a contractual agreement, we actively monitor the networking resources to detect and solve potential issues. We operate to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers with our quality services & support. Our Annual Maintenance Cost provides our clients with comprehensive support strategies to address the requirements of managing the infrastructure. It covers both Core-IT infrastructure & Edge IT infrastructure. We provide fully customizable support plans as per the requirements of the clients.

With expertise in the domain over the years, we deliver effective AMC Services for Server Systems, Desktops, Laptops, networking products, storage systems, and other peripheral resources. Our AMC technicians help in keeping your network healthy and stable. Skyra's team manages the improvement of day-to-day operations to focus on the quality of the process and product.

  • Saves your valuable time
  • Quality services at an affordable cost
  • An excellent team of trained professionals
  • Technical support at your place

Networking Services

Wireless Network

Skyra wireless network solutions are designed to deliver optimal flexibility for your specific network.

Wired Network

We provide wired network resources of IEEE 802.1X port-based authentication implemented for connection.

Router Installation

You require a router to enable a network connection, and we deliver an ISP configuration setup.

Network Installation

Skyra is the leading provider of network installations with IT support. We also provide video, data, voice, and wireless configuring solutions.

Network Management

Our Network management services include complete support for managing the Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Modem Installation

We do our best to offer valuable Modem Installation Services to our customers. We use high-quality installation tools for the process.

Home Networking

We offer top-class home networking services based on the increasing demands of the users.

Network Support

Our Network support services include setting up and upgrading the network, periodic monitoring of the network performance, and management of network infrastructure.